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May 31, 2021

Online Entrance Scholarship Portal Fully Operational and Open to All Prospective Students

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This is a throw back on a recent initiative from the Moodle Unit. After a careful analysis of how our Online Entrance Scholarship(OES) was conducted by the Admissions department, we decided to fully automate the whole process to speed up the OES examination and follow ups from the counsellors. We were however propelled to develop a dedicated examination portal which would be used for the OES. The examination portal runs on Moodle but has been highly customized to suit the very need of the OES examination and the reporting standard proposed by the Admissions department.

A quick breakdown of the OES system

  • Account creation – Candidates are automatically redirected to create their own accounts on the portal
    • OES course enrolments – After candidates create their accounts, they are automatically assigned to the OES course without any click from the candidates. Once they login into their dashboard, the Exam would appear for them to write. The exam is opened to everyone, any day and anytime so, it can be attempted at any time by candidates
    • Automatic grading of the exams – The exam is configured to be automatically graded once the candidate finishes the attempt.
    • Display of OES Scholarship Percentage awarded to candidate – With this automation, candidates after they take the OES test get to know their OES marks and the specific OES scholarship percentage awarded (ie. 30%, 40% 80% 100% etc).
    • Comprehensive and detailed reports about the OES test is also available for download by the Counselor for follow-ups.
    • Counselors are also prompted with an email for any single OES test completed so they can check and contact the OES candidates if the need be.

Click on the link below to visit the portal :

Please we can share this link with our friends, families and our sphere of contact for a scholarship opportunity at BlueCrest College. Prospective students can get up to 100% scholarship!!! Let’s share the news

Thank you.

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