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Nov 15, 2023

BlueCrest College School of Fashion and Design Awards Four students at Apaso) Kasa Graduate Fashion Show 2023

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The curtains have closed on a spectacular weekend as the BlueCrest School of Fashion and Design celebrated the culmination of hard work, creativity, and innovation with its 9th Edition Graduate Fashion Show dubbed APASO KASA 2023. The event running on the theme “Creating a sustainable fashion paradigm; The Rewear Revolution”, showcased the remarkable talent of the graduating class, leaving attendees awe-inspired by the incredible designs on display. The Graduate Fashion Show which was meant to create awareness of sustainability, and the impact of fashion on the environment and contribute to achieving the SDGs featured intricate detailing and designs made from used clothes, compact discs, used hair braids, cartons, Bel-Aqua plastic bottles, Sacks among others.

Beyond the breathtaking fashion creations, the event was also marked by the recognition of four outstanding students in various categories, making it an unforgettable experience.

All Round Designer: Matilda Ama Ranson 

Matilda Ama Ranson was honored for her exceptional skills in creativity, finishing, and overall presentation. Her designs inspired by shirt collars and woven with used hair braids elevated her collection to a new level of environmental consciousness. Matilda has been captivated by the timeless charm and sophistication that shirt collars convey. Used braids, typically discarded and forgotten, have found new life and purpose in Matilda’s designs. She collects these hidden treasures from friends and family, breathing new life into them and ingeniously weaving them into her creations. The result is a unique combination of patterns and textures that tell stories of rebirth and renewal. Her designs communicated a powerful message about sustainability and resourcefulness inspiring others to think beyond the conventional and showcasing a harmonious blend of style, innovation, and execution. 

Most Creative Designer: Benedicta Amankwaa

Benedicta Amankwaa’s collection was recognized for its ability to communicate the importance of sustainability through fashion. Each garment featured in her collection is a testament to Benedicta’s unwavering dedication to the cause of sustainability. The masterpieces were crafted through the meticulous process of unstitching and restitching old clothing from Kantamanto market Accra, giving new life to second-hand clothes.  Her designs aligned perfectly with the theme of sustainability, adorning her creations with exquisite pieces of jewelry that she ingeniously transformed from discarded Bel-Aqua Plastic Bottles. From the elegant pieces of earrings to necklaces and handbags that sparkle with grace, Benedicta has redefined the boundaries of sustainability. This is a tribute to her vision of turning everyday items into high fashion, a shining example of her belief that creativity knows no limit and reminding us to reassess fashion style and save the planet.

Progressive Designer: Berilyn Nunoo

Berilyn Nunoo’s journey of improvement over the 4 years of education was acknowledged with this award. Her growth as a designer was evident in her collection, which reflected her dedication to honing her skills and constantly pushing the boundaries of her creativity. Her collection pays homage to the black woman, often underestimated but inherently strong and nurturing. Like the porcupine, the black woman is a protector, willing to shield and care for her loved ones, her warmth, and strength akin to the leather wrapped around her body. This is a true embodiment of the porcupine’s spirit and the black woman’s strength. Each piece in her collection captures the essence of protection, strength, and performance, inviting us to recognize and celebrate the beauty and resilience of black women.

Berilyn’s collection is not just a fashion statement; It is a reminder that black women are not feeble but forces to be reckoned with, capable of achieving greatness and shining brightly in every aspect of life.

 Promising Designer: Joas Ahua

Joas Ahua was celebrated as the most promising designer, an acknowledgment of his potential to make a significant impact in the fashion industry. Drawing inspiration from the iconic New York skyscrapers, the award recognizes the fresh and innovative perspective that Joas brings to the world of fashion. In Joash’s collection, the colors of royal blue and gold take center stage, symbolizing the elegance and opulence of the modern gentleman’s attire. These colors, like the towering skyscrapers of New York, exude power, confidence, and sophistication. What makes this collection even more remarkable is its commitment to sustainability. Joash ingeniously repurposed leather bags into the garments as pockets, breathing new life into them and giving birth to these extraordinary outfits. It’s a celebration of recycling and a nod to the mindset of sustainability that defines our new age.

Presenting one of the awards, Umaru Sanda Amadu, a prominent Ghanaian media personality, and broadcast journalist on Citi FM and Citi TV, as well as an SDG ambassador, shared profound insights on sustainability, emphasizing the tangible impact of recycling beyond conventional understanding.

“Seeing sustainability firsthand, I saw that recycling is real in other ways beyond what we know. We understand that recycling is important, but today I got to see it in a different form – people wearing it.

The Vice-Rector of the college, Mr. Eric Hanson in his remarks said “The effect of fashion on global climate is a wake-up call for all stakeholders, particularly for educational institutions like ours, which play a pivotal role in the fashion and apparel industry. This is why we have carefully chosen tonight’s theme, “Creating A Sustainable Fashion Paradigm – The Re-wear Revolution,” signifying our strong dedication to advancing the sustainable agenda. 

The Director of Strategy and Head of the fashion show committee remarked “We started our sustainability theme last year with the aim to spark a fashion sustainability revolution in Ghana that extends far beyond the confines of this runway to leave an imprint on the industry. I’m proud of the  level of creativity displayed on the runway today by our students. As a Pan-African College, we intend to replicate same at our campuses in Liberia and Sierra Leone to create a sustainable Fashion Paradigm.

 The Apaso kasa fashion show of the BlueCrest College School of Fashion and Design was a mesmerizing. The students’ collections displayed a wide range of styles and influences, underlining the depth of their creativity and skills. From avant-garde couture to sustainable streetwear, the runway came alive with a dazzling array of designs that wowed the audience.  Special Guests who graced the occasion of the 9th Edition fashion show included Mrs. Stephanie Benson, Abrantie the Gentleman, CEO of GEPA, Dr. Efua Asabea Asare, Mr. Sam Amanor, CEO of BlueSPACE Africa, Executive Director of Commission on Arts and Culture, Nana Otuo Owoahene, CEO of NYA, Mr. Alfred Dumenu, from Odina Couture, Mr. Magnus Dei, Marketing manager of Bel Aqua,  Pius Enam Ahadzie, Arts Consultant of British Council, Mr. Paul Akrofie, Mr. George Adjebeng, head of SG Innno8 among others.

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