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Jun 23, 2023

BlueCrest School of Fashion and Design End of Semester Fashion show Theme: The Fashion Journey: Exhibiting elegance in style

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BlueCrest School of Fashion and Design recently concluded its much-anticipated End of Semester fashion show, leaving the audience in awe with their creative interpretations of the theme, “The Fashion Journey: Exhibiting elegance in style.” The street fashion show which is showcased at the end of each semester show the exceptional talent and hard work of the students, who put their skills to the test and delivered collections that were a true testament to their growth and dedication over the semester.

Each semester’s collection was distinct and captivating, showcasing a wide range of fashion genres and techniques. In semester two guided by their faculty, Ms Gloria Nkrumah, the students explored the realm of casual wear, demonstrating their prowess in designing sophisticated attire suitable for casual occasions. The emphasis was on precision tailoring, impeccable fit, and attention to detail.

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Under the tutelage of Ms. Matilda Tawiah, semester three students skillfully incorporated vintage elements into contemporary designs, creating a harmonious fusion of old and new. The flowing silhouettes, delicate lacework, and intricate embellishments showcased in the collection are a testament to Ms. Tawiah’s expertise and dedication in imparting a deep appreciation for fashion’s timeless classics.

Students from semester four guided by Ms. Elsie Addy, showcased their expertise in crafting ethereal and enchanting wedding dresses under her expertise. Each meticulously crafted piece, with luxurious fabrics, intricate beadwork, and exquisite detailing. The designs captured the essence of a bride’s dreams, evoking romance, elegance, and sophistication.

In the fascinating world of dyeing techniques to create unique fabrics, students from semester five experimented with various dyeing methods, such as tie-dye, batik, and shibori, infusing vibrant colors and patterns into their creations. The collection presented a stunning array of dresses, tops, and accessories that showcased the students’ creativity and versatility. Mrs. Agnes Odamea Larbi’s expertise and mentorship played a pivotal role in nurturing the students’ skills and inspiring their innovative approach to fabric dyeing.

Semester six students took a bold and innovative approach, focusing on the intersection of environmental sustainability and fashion. The students embraced the challenge of repurposing discarded materials into remarkable garments, showcasing their ingenuity and resourcefulness. Additionally, each student successfully created a knock-off piece, capturing the essence of their chosen contemporary designer’s style. Mrs. Odamea Larbi’s ongoing support and dedication have been instrumental in nurturing the students’ creativity and fostering their commitment to eco-conscious fashion.

In the semester eight, at the pinnacle of the fashion journey, and under the guidance and mentorship of Mr. Michael Addae, the students presented their comprehensive fashion collections, unleashing their creativity and originality. Drawing on the knowledge and skills accumulated throughout their academic journey, they showcased their ability to conceptualize and execute their unique visions. The collection featured a diverse range of aesthetics, ranging from avant-garde creations to minimalist designs, reflecting the profound impact of their four-year education in fashion and design.

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The BlueCrest School of Fashion and Design End of Semester fashion show was a celebration of elegance, creativity, and style. The students’ collections from various semesters showcased their growth, versatility, and ability to push boundaries. As the renowned fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld once said, “Fashion is a language that creates itself in clothes to interpret reality.” The students of SFD have undoubtedly mastered this language, and their collections spoke volumes about their extraordinary talent and passion for the world of fashion. C:\Users\Bethel Ahams\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\Content.Word\IMG_6764.jpg

Congratulations to the School of Fashion and Design, particularly the Head of Department, Mrs. Agnes Odamea Larbi and her team, for their unwavering commitment to fostering a nurturing environment where students can explore their creative potential. Ending the semester in such an amazing manner is undeniably remarkable.

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