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Nov 15, 2022


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Isaac: My app says we are a 94% match! 😀

Jennifer: Mine too. Maybe our profiles should go out on a date while we just keep texting here 😉

How often do you use text messages in day-to-day interaction?

Do you know that big data and artificial intelligence can find out your personality and behaviour by decoding just a few random texts you send to people?


What about online dating platforms?

Can artificial intelligence predict whether a relationship can be successful by analyzing a few lines of chats?

There is a huge probability.

Let’s analyze this text:

Emmanuel: Hi Mary

Mary: Hello Emmanuel☺

Emmanuel: Nice to connect with you😄

Mary: Likewise. Always fun to meet interesting people☺

Emmanuel: I’ll certainly try not to disappoint you.😇

Is there a pattern in this text?

Mary is casual and did not have any expectations whereas Emmanuel is desperate not to lose her.

Let’s analyze another text:

Issac: Hey😀

Angela: Hey how are you?☺

Issac: I am doing good, what are you doing?

Angela: Watching a movie on TV😍

Issac: I prefer to watch movies only in theatres, I love action movies, I love Jackie chan, I always prefer to watch action movies in the theatre with cheese popcorn.😃

Angela: Oh ok

Does this simple text reveal any insight?

How many times did Issac use the personal pronoun I?

5 times.

How many times has Angela used the personal pronoun I?


The use of I often is linked to narcissism and self-centeredness.

There is a huge probability that Issac may be a narcissist and self-centered person.

Our text messages also reflect key factors in the creation of healthy communication patterns throughout the courtship process. Predictive analytics can predict behaviour from a pattern of text which is not obvious to the untrained eye.

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Alongside the rise of Big Data, there is the emergence of Big Dating.

Any truly valuable technology has always been rapidly adapted to satisfy our most primitive aspirations. With the advent of personal and mobile computing, it was perhaps inevitable that online dating would become the norm within a few decades.

Texting(with emojis) is currently the most popular way of communication. It forces us to exclusively utilize our written language. In the absence of indicators such as body language, eye contact, and stance, not to mention vocal cues such as tone, cadence, and loudness, word selection, semantics, and syntax must convey ever-increasing levels of meaning, Now just our words carry the weight.

Why do we find some people attractive and some people repulsive?

Let’s analyze another chat:

Daniel: Hey

Jennifer: Hi

Daniel: How are you?

Jennifer: I am fine, How is online dating treating you?😄

Daniel: Well, not that good, it is tough and seems like a lot of work😞;

Daniel’s last text is the romantic equivalent of complaining about having to shave that morning to look presentable at a job interview. Even if it’s true, that won’t help him to get the job. Daniel lacks confidence and he projects the same.

Statistics say that 1 in every 18 people who use online dating uses big data analytics to find companionship. Couples are finding love online, and online dating has grown into a multibillion-dollar industry.

To help people find their perfect soul mate, online dating sites combine “data” and “analytics.”

For instance, is 20 years old now that has helped create 517000 relationships, 92,000 marriages, and 1 million babies. claims that it has more than 70 terabytes of data about its customers that help them unlock the mysteries of their hearts.

Big dating is the secret to long-lasting romance in relationships in the twenty-first century.

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