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Oct 12, 2021

Fashion With A Function…A scope on Hat Making

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How much do you love your hats? How many of them do you own? Do you know where hats started from or even how they are made? And did you known that some hats actually inform people about where they come from or what positions they hold?

Some students of the school of Fashion and Design, had an extensive class of hat making with the help of the lecturer in charge of the course, Miss Elsie Addy. They undertook a research on hats, the types, where is originally started from and the classifications of some of these hats. And if you know SFD, you know there would always be a three dimensional product of a well done research and well learnt lesson.

The students made hats using the information that they had been exposed to. The individuals made beautiful hats pieces,whilst learning the benefits and types of hats.

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