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Oct 2, 2021

Pin It, Assess It Love it? Stitch it!

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Most often, we know that garments are stitched with the basis of drafting a pattern, cutting and then stitching. But what happens when you don’t like the fit? Or when you make loads of mistakes that could have been easily avoided? That’s when the beautiful art of Basic and Advanced Draping comes in handy. Mr Michael Addae, an expert and lecturer from Bluecrest School of Fashion and Design has been taking students through series of intense draping techniques classes.

The students learnt how to take proper body measurements,how to tape style lines, the various, seamlines and the manipulation of numerous darts. They also learnt how the fabric behaves and how to cut and fold fabrics.

Even after learning the basics of drafting, Mr Addae went ahead to educate the students on how to transfer the draped garments to patterns on paper before cutting and stitching. Students loved this because it made it easier to understand that you could actually see the finished look of your work, assess it, change or add desired details and then move on to the next step of the stitching phase.

We love it when fashion is both educational, creative and intriguing.

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