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Sep 22, 2021

Dying & Printing Class:the Scientific Experimentation

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As a new semester has begun, lectures have taken an amazing turn for both freshers and continuing students of Bluecrest School of Fashion & Design. These students are having a hands on experience this semester and they are experimenting with a lot of practical classes. It is only week three on campus and their timetable schedules are already filled with fun activities.

We had an opportunity to join the semester five of the SFD department in their Dying and Printing class today which is headed by Lecturer Madam Agnes Mante. She took the class through some of the dying procedures and goodness, that felt like a fun chemistry class! learning all about chemical reactions and chemical compounds.

But it did not end there, the students had the opportunity to try out what they had learnt for that day and the outcomes were just marvelous! It was a fun and exciting class as well as a very informative lecture. Learning about how certain chemicals react with each other when they come into contact, the precautions one must take when dying fabrics. It was a wide array of information to accumulate. We had the privilege to learn how to mix certain colors to obtain other others in the dying and printing process.

Be sure to join us in our next class. Promises to be fun and super educative!

Source: Semester five students of Bluecrest School Of Fashion And Design.

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