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Aug 10, 2021

Throwing More Light On This Year’s Prestigious Graduation Fashion Show.

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The Current Show gave the Fashion Department an opportunity to share more information about this year’s fashion show dubbed “Apasoa Akasa” A Twi term that means, The scissors speaks or the scissors has spoken. The panel had Nana Akua Adepah, the hostess of the “current show”. Then the two coordinators of the fashion show, Elsie Rebecca Osei, head of Student Success and Beatrice Dede Addy, lecturer. Hilda N. Emeruwa, a graduating fashion student was also present.

The coordinators of the fashion show had a lot to say from how students are working tirelessly to bring their ideas to life. And how these fashion shows give the young designers an opportunity to showcase their creativity and all that they’ve learned and grasped during their stay in the school.

They learn to also work under pressure and pressure for the real fashion world. Knowing how to source for materials, fabrics and work with less and difficult clients. During these fashion shows, they are also exposed to other world known fashion designers and fashion houses, who grant these graduating students an excellent job opportunities.

Hilda also added her voice, she added, “I can’t wait to have you see the amazing collection that I have put up and that of my other designers too. We’ve put a lot into this and we are elated to have you see them.” she added with a laugh. “You just may find that style that may be the next trending design all around you, be the first to see it.”

So in a nut shell, this isn’t just a night of students displaying designs but an opportunity to give their best and be given great opportunities at the end of the evening. This year, Woodin Ghana is one of the sponsors of this fashion show and they are looking out for a budding designer to work with.

You wouldn’t want to miss this fashion show for anything.

See you there! 💙

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