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Jul 12, 2021

Class of Strong Seven

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The Semester Eight students of Bluecrest College School Of Fashion & Design decided to finish their last examination paper, on the 8th July,2021 in grand style. The class of seven students, namely, Hilda Emeruwa Ngozi , Patricia Alorwu, Kandy Mercy Armooh, Stephilar Adiza Nwaala, Erica Adjei Brown, Bola J. Lobos and Saah Effah Donyina.

The course representative had this to say: “This happened on the 8th of July of our last paper .. The Class of Strong seven ( semester 8 fashion and design ) decided to be in a uniform fabric and celebrate our completion. From 2018-2021 is been by grace… we had fun like with activities such as exchange of gifts( we wrote our names on pieces of papers,so who so ever u pick is whom u purchase a gift for) , pick and act, shared our experiences and expectations when we came as freshers and how far we have come..and it appears most of us met our expectations.

The pillows or cushions u see, was made by the class rep Hilda Emeruwa and gifted to the class as a symbol of remembrance which has an image of each and everyone and a write up which tells them about what each person in the class admires about them. A very sweet gesture to show her love and admiration for her classmates and as a team player. Well, kudos to this mighty batch! Soar Higher!

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