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Apr 12, 2021

BCC Management Summit 2021

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The BlueCrest Management Team had a successful summit on the 10th of April, 2021 at the Best Western Plus Hotel. This was an interactive, insightful and fun session lead by the Rector of the college, Dr. Anand Agrawal. 

During this gathering, we gained more insight into the goals of each department, how our goals are interconnected and how we can all contribute to achieving these set goals.

Aside from the delicious meals and snacks, we were treated to, Mr. Todd and Miss Onyeka lead us to play some fun games to enhance the team bonding spirit and help us know each other better. 

It was a super exciting event and we can’t wait to see the progress this summit will yield! 

Some fun facts we learned about each other: 

  1. Rector is a certified bartender (hit him up for all your cocktails).
  2. Etini is not Nigerian / Irish-Carribean.
  3. Mr. Todd’s high school nickname was “toad”
  4. Mr. Philip never did “marshal” arts.
  5. Seli and Mr. Kennedy can’t sing to save their lives.
  6. Madam Elsie and her JHS school bus’ window had some beef to settle.
  7. Onyeka and Hannah will be winning American Idol soon.
  8. We still can’t tell if Assuoni is married or single.

NB: Shoutout to the most fun table, ADMISSION ACES!

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