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Dec 17, 2020


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The Management of YALI TV partnered with the BlueCrest School of Fashion and Design for its Maiden Africa Expo 2020 which is was the 10thAnniversary of the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) under the topic; “Championing African Enterprises and Intra-Continental Trade: The Way Forward for Young African Entrepreneurs “.The two day event scheduled on Wednesday11th and 12th November was held at the BlueCrest University College Auditorium at 11am-3pmGMT each day.

The event attracted speakers and facilitators from the US Embassy of Ghana, recommendation from the US Department of State, African Government Trade Representatives, Professional Associations, and Captains of Industry in Ghana and across the continent.

Amongst the speakers were, Elizabeth Liu, Kofi Quansah, Nneka Achapu, Issac Newton Acquah, Sherrie Tompson, Tsonam Cleanse Akpeloo, Gonaya Monei Sethora, Emmanuel K. Bensah Jr., Todd Holmes, Victoria Abra Honu, and Ambassador Ashim Mortson Perkins Asante. 

The Made in Africa Expo is a dedicated market place event designed to promote the services, products and initiatives of Young African leaders across the continent. The platform was designated to attract 40 entrepreneurs and innovators from 48 African countries to virtually 

Promote and expose their brands to the rest of Africa through the digital broad casting platform of YALI TV. 

This event exposes the YALI Entrepreneurs and their brands to the rest of Africa, highlighting their value preposition, their details and cost of services and products, and potentially attracting partners, investors and clientele as the Young African Leaders Initiative.

One of SFD’s goals is to support young fashion designers and build a strong connection with its alumni through effective operational activities of the school. For this reason, SFD alumni entrepreneurs were offered the opportunity by the department to expose and display their clothing lines to the outside world both on site and virtually. The department hopes for more of these collaborations to effectively merge and build a strong relationship between the department, SFD students and SFD alumni. Below are some pictures of the works of Boamah Couture by Gladys Boamah (alumni, Ghana) and Afrikawala by Karen Nakamba (alumni, Zambia) who displayed at the event.

Contributor: Miss Victoria Abra Honu

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