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Dec 14, 2020


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Academic Assistants have received Ms. Excel training to build their capacity to manage BlueCrest’s Academic data management and reporting systems

A two-day workshop for Academic Assistants has been held on campus with the aim of streamlining quality and academic management reporting systems.

The workshop, under the theme: “Advanced Microsoft Excel for Academic Management”, was organized by The Academic Office of the college and facilitated by the Dean for Academics, Dr. William Quarmine.

One of the main objectives of the event was to build the capacity of Academic Assistants to manage the database and reporting systems at their departmental levels.

Some of the topics treated include Cell Management Techniques such as setting cell types, merging cells, freezing panes, filtering, sorting and conditional formation. Other topics included Data Analysis which involved the use of counting, basic arithmetic and logical formulas, as well as Pivot Tables and Vlookup.

The workshop rounded up with the Academic Assistants practicing the use of BCC’s reporting templates and addressing basic errors that regularly show up.

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