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Dec 1, 2020


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It is said that putting down an idea on paper is 50% execution and there are many ways an artist can put down whatever they have envisioned. Through the years, we have seen an evolution in the way creative people lay down their ideas. From paintings, to sculpture, architecture, etc. have all undergone one form of change from times like the pre historic era, middle age, baroque, renaissance to the 21st century module of idea expression.

Painting is a very effective way of idea expression and equally a great platform for documentation.In one era ,renaissance painting was well known and the standard of painting until another method was coined like the Rococo era painting technique, impressionism, Romanticism and Symbolism from the 19th Century .Recently has abstract, graffiti ,etc methods of painting made waves and used on a wide range of media like canvases, walls, human and animal bodies, fabrics, amongst others .

Fabric painting, the act and art of creating beautiful visual concepts on fabric using special paint and brushes, stencils, markers, etc. can be done on a wide range of fabric choices dependent on some characteristics like its absorption properties to the paint or ink to be used .Fabric painting is in vogue even though it has been in existent for so long and this is enjoyed by so many people both young and old.Fashion and style is a way of expressing ones personality and through fabric painting that can be well communicated.

Students at the SFD partake in this interesting lesson as part of their Accessories and Surface Ornamentation course. This particular lesson includes painting with stencils, block painting, etc. All these techniques require creativity and focus and produces amazing results and for some the realization of a skill or passion that has never been discovered. Students who take this course not only enjoy the content of it but find a viable market to make some extra money as students .

Everyone at Sfd is encouraged and empowered to go beyond what they learn in class and make practical what they are being taught into the real world, preparing them for what is ahead.


In Ghana, indigenous beads are highly sustainable and eco friendly by products of recycled materials like glass. Beads are an integral part of our culture as they are used to beautify and even communicate. In a typical African setting, the number of beads seen on different women can communicate their age differences and even statuses. Krobo in the Eastern Region of Ghana amongst some other regions produce these indigenous and precious artifacts.

However, globalization has made it possible for factories overseas with huge production machinery to import beads of different sizes, colors, textures and compositions to Africa and beyond.

SFD over the years has trained students in different aspects of fashion including bead making, one core part of accessorizing. The students undergo trainings and take lessons in knowing the tools, equipment and materials for different types of bead making. They understand what to use for what and tend to appreciate the results they get from working so hard.

With creativity, the students are tasked to make accessorizes with beads in their own as projects, assessments and even encouraged to include them in their garments for fashion shows. Students always find it a joy to be able to make things on their own.

Contributor: Josephine Aniaku

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