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Sep 16, 2020

BCC leaders initiated Leadership Co-development sessions at the College

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BlueCrest Ghana leaders who are the center/department heads of the college have initiated a series of workshop-based sessions called Leadership Co-development Sessions. These sessions are organized twice a month where 17 leaders will work together to learn from each other in organized and structured sessions aiming to co-develop a shared leadership culture in the college using good leadership practices. The participants are: 

1. Dr. William (Dean, SBC) 2. Dr. Shiv (Dean, SoT) 3. Ms. Victoria (HoD, SFD) 4. Ms. Priscilla (HR Manager) 5.Mr. Amit Kakhani (Finance Director) 6. Mr. Ransford (Student Services Head) 7. Mr. Richard (Assistant Registrar-Admissions) 8.Mr. Todd (CPED Director) 9. Ms. Hannah (Head Librarian) 10. Mr. Edmund (Head RGC) 11. Ms. Anita (Head TLC) 12. Mr. Assouni (Systems Manager) 13. Ms. Onyekachi (Marketing Manager) 14. Mr. Jones (Career Office Head) 15. Ms. Zebidah (Student and Alumni affairs officer), 16. Dr. Moses (Quality Assurance Head) and 17. Ms. Edna (Registrar) along with Dr. Anand Agrawal (Rector).

These sessions are aiming at the development of a culture where all of us as leaders are responsible for the growth and development of each other and all the members of the institute. Each session will have one more of the following or similar activities; 1.Presentations and discussions on leadership practices using learning from articles, books, courses, experiences,  and reflections. 2. Sharing our visions and review of our long term vision and plan progress. 3.Feedback discussions on our leadership practices. 4.Discussions on our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and gaps as an institute. 5.Learning from occasional guest sessions by leadership experts.

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