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Aug 20, 2020

BlueCrest University Intranet Launch

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As some of you may have heard, there are exciting plans underway to improve the technology we use at BlueCrest University on a daily basis. Over the course of the next few months, we will be adopting our Intranet as the major channel for information, activities, and events sharing for the college. This is an exciting transition, as the tools available in the intranet will help us all to share our achievements, activities, and events better, faster, and simpler than the channels we use today.

To ensure the adoption of the Intranet goes smoothly, The IT Department has been charged with overseeing this project. During this effort, Mr. Assouni and his team will be reaching out to all of you regularly with updates, and to solicit feedback to ensure that, no matter what tools or processes we replace with the Intranet, your everyday tasks get easier and more productive as a result of this project.

I know several of you are always up for learning new skills or playing with new technology, several training sessions would be organized to walk all stakeholders through the features and how to use the intranet.

The Internet can be accessed via the URL below

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